Our programs includes volunteerism and outreaches to the communities, especially the rural areas. Our volunteers provides free educational services mostly as teachers in areas that lacks such benefits. We also offer free health and medicinal facilities. These takes the form of health lectures and screenings, linking people who need special medical attention to the most appropriate facilities.

In the presence of enough funds, we also help communities to put up school blocks and health centres. We do all these things in a very participatory manner. We involve the members of the communities, who are affected by the above problems and therefore are likely to understand their situation better than those from outside. This way, our programs are expected and will be more successful and patronized than the other way round (TOP -DOWN APPROACH). The members of these communities see themselves as the owners of such projects and not just spectators. We believe this is the best way to tackle social problems.

Health and Education are undoubtedly indispensable as far as Human dignity and Development are concerned. This also contributes greatly to strengthening the Human Resource base of any Nation that is striving for a meaningful and sustainable Development.

a little gir suffering from Buruli Ulcer in the Ga South District

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