About Us

We are an organization that is community focused, especially on rural areas.We deal with issues relating to health and education in Ghana. In RAIDEF, we serve humanity out of love. We always seek to solve social issues by tackling the root causes of problems and not just solving their effects. We believe in providing sustainable solutions to issue that negatively affects humanity.

Our activities include;recruiting volunteers (teachers and health workers) to work with people/communities who need help in our fields of operation i.e. health & education. Under our health outreaches, we organize free health screening and medication, we also use workshops where lectures on very important health topics are delivered by specialists. We train peer educators who work effectively among people of their influence.We also work with people living with HIV/AIDS.

it is our aim to:

·                     Reach out to deprived and needy people living in Ghanaian societies, especially rural areas of Ghana and other parts of Africa.

·                     Extend free access to quality Health and Education to the youth/children and women in deprived communities.

·                     Enhance women’s livelihood in such areas as agribusiness, trading in goods, vocational training and education.

·                     To involve rural dwellers in our effort to solve their economic and social problems.

·                     To tackle social and economic problems with a comprehensive and holistic approach.

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