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P. O. Box Md205, Madina-Accra.                                                                                                         Phone:+233-207-391-533 or +233-542-696-883                 Email:raidefghana@yahoo.co.uk                                                        

This site was created to sell our vision and mission to all people and to invite partners and sponsors to support us in our activities.

Raidef is a non-governmental and a non-profit maximizing organization located in Accra, Ghana.
Our main aim is to make health and education services readily available to all people, especially rural dwellers in Ghana. We believe these two social needs are very fundamental and indispensable as far as human dignity and development are concerned.

Over the past three years, we started by helping quite a number of Junior and Senior High School students. We sponsored and supported Clement Tinbilla, an orphan and a student of the University of Ghana Staff Junior High School. He was able to finish and is currently continuing in the Akuse Methodist Senior High School, in the Eastern region of Ghana, and we are still supporting him. RAIDEF also supported and is still supporting Precious Kwadjo during her education in the Senior High School. She also Successfully completed and is now pursuing a certificate program in Hotel and Catering Services in Ho In the Volta Region of Ghana. Our supports are basically in the form of paying the school fees of our benefactors and providing them with books.

RAIDEF also was able to pay the final year school fees of Gloria, who was a student of Ningo Senior High School. This was necessary because it was impossible for her to take her final exams (West African Senior School Certificate Examinations-WASSCE), without paying her school fees in full.


Our vision is to provide free health and education to the needy and deprived in society with the view of helping them overcome poverty and deprivation, and to live transformed and dignified lives.

RAIDEF was formed with the basic objective of extending the good quality education and health services that exist in the urban centres to the deprived in society, especially rural inhabitants. We strongly believe that these two issues are indispensable and inevitable as far as human dignity and development are concerned. This applies to every nation on the larger scale.

One cannot neglect the fact that even though there are good educational and health facilities (services) in the urban areas, there are still some urban dwellers who cannot afford it. We seek to meet all these groups in society, but we are more focused on the rural areas because their situation is very much devastating.

It is our aim to always provide long lasting solutions to societal problems by addressing the root causes of such problems and not providing palliative measures which do not last.


Below is a picture of RAIDEF's staff donating clothes and shoes to the school pupils and the entire community of Ashamoa, a small village in the Ga South District of Ghana.

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